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This great loom of media images, and images of images, is so many layers deep that it has replaced reality. No one can remember the original imprint. If there was one. The hologram is a hermetic snow globe, a self-referential circuitry of images, and a Möbius loop from which there is no logical escape. Logic has zilch to do with what is going on. The smallest part holographically recapitulates the whole, and vice versa. No thinking required, we just cycle and recycle through an aural dimension. Not all that bad, I guess, if it were not generated by forces out to fuck every last pair of eyeballs and mind plugged into it.
Because of the ephemeral nature of SMS it encourages the instant transmission of whatever crosses one’s mind, even if banal and self-reverential. Dipping into a person’s stream of conscious does not result in much clarity (again, try to read just one page of Finnegan’s Wake), but taken as a whole, over time, even the most trivial series of thoughts starts to tell us something about the greater whole: how the person thinks, what is their point of view, what attracts and repels them, and so on. The tweets are a part of a pathway, but have a very specific purpose of providing support to the big thoughts; the stream of consciousness thinking that moves the intellectual (or what stands for intellectual) content along.
This it turns out is what I’ve been attempting with the whole form of from the beginning. Creating a meandering trail of bread crumbs that over time create a unique meaning in the mind of each person following along. (and fat jokes) sometimes the thoughts are more formed and finished sometimes blips. It’s difficult for some following along to understand the nature of the messages because they come in form and content they have no experience with. What would make me happiest is if others responded in unpredictable interesting ways that go beyond the established ways these new tools have largely succumbed to. It doesn’t take much for the water to freeze. Play along goddamnit. Use these tools for something more interesting even absurd. Source:

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